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Posted by Ben Aldhouse on

Following a recent request by a customer that has used the site, we have implemented the ability to add notes to your order when inside the shopping cart.

i.e. i will not be at home to recieve the delivery on Wednesday, Please ship Thursday or Friday etc..

We will try where possible to action these requests.

If there is anything else that you think the site would benefit from please let us know as we are always looking to improve our service.

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  • , I only discovered you after my lame amttept ha ha). Also, question for you my poor boyfriend has an aversion to onions. Any suggestions?Keep your ideas coming. You may be my life line from now on Lena

    Eugene on
  • a chest frezeer but don’t know where to store it? Read Mindy’s post on how she fits her frezeer in a small space. I actually read this post back when Mindy posted it in the spring but given that’s

    Muhtadin on
  • Hi I have placed an order but haven’t been asked for my address so how is the item going to be posted?

    Afia miah on

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