An interesting article from the Portsmouth news regarding the influx of companies to Market Square Havant….

“A town centre precinct has been given a major boost as a series of new shops open for business.
For years Havant Borough Council has been trying to find ways to encourage investment into Market Parade, Havant, which was littered with empty shop units.

But entrepreneurs have spotted the area’s potential with two major shops opening in as many months and two more set to open soon – meaning the precinct will be full for the first time in four years.

There were predictions the huge new Tesco would decimate town centre trade.
But Jeff Crate, the council’s business development officer, responsible for the town centre, said it has had the opposite affect.
Town centres go round in circles,’ he said. A few companies have gone bust and entrepreneurs seem to be appearing from nowhere to take their place.
We have got firms such as Cafe Nero and Costa nearby which only go into towns which are thriving or have potential.
People who would not normally come to Havant are doing their shopping in Tesco and then visiting the town centre for traditional shops and banks.’
Schoolwear Shop Havant has moved in to a former hairdressing salon, which has been empty for six months. Costcutter is set to reopen soon after being empty for more than a year. An empty unit next to Inkworld is also about to be turned back into a shop, although it’s unclear what it will be.

And electronics factory outlet Ideal Kit recently took over a former fireplace shop which had been empty for a year.
Manager Robin Venn said: ’We looked around for a shop for a couple of months and we saw potential here."

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