04:23 Friday.11 December 2015

Julieruns It’s safe to leave the new ones cooking all day, thgouh I leave mine on a trivet just in case. The reason the new ones are hotter have to do with meat safety rules, but unfortunately it effects all of us.Kathy Have you tried soups or chilies? They are the easiest to leave cooking all day. Sometimes my dinner will cook as much as 10 hours before we finally get a chance to sit down and eat. If you are doing stews, start with an extra cup of water/liquid and see if that helps. Another way is to try a few recipes over the weekend while you’re home, then you have a few you know that you can leave on all day without worries.Boomerwiz Were you trying to saute the onion in the slow cooker? I find that doesn’t work well for me, so I cook mine on the stove, then add it to the slow cooker after they are cooked.Happy slow cooking everyone!

21:03 Wednesday.28 October 2015

I purchased this unit beucase we live in the Northeast where it can get pretty cold. When we travel during the winter months, I like to have the security of knowing that the heating system in our home is working properly and we are not coming home to a disaster caused by frozen pipes. The unit is so simple to set up and maintain that you will probably not even read the well written instruction manual that the unit comes with. I just plugged in the power supply, installed a 9 volt battery and plugged the unit into an available phone wall jack. I then called the unit using my cell phone and completed the programming in less than 5 minutes. The intuitive voice menu guides you through the installation in an extremely clear manner. It works well with our existing answering machine. Well worth the price of $180 that I paid.

12:26 Tuesday.27 October 2015

As I’ve mentioned berofe, we live in a rather small condo in central Boulder. a0That means we don’t have a backyard, just a small balcony. a0I’ve discovered you can actually grow a few things, even when you live in a small space. Our small balcony

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